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December 21, 2014

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Submitted on - 4/22/2009 1:07 pm
After 25 year of experience; working at a managerial level in the field of Information Technology, half of which was in the Gulf area. I came back to my home country Egypt and joined one of the big named companies. At the end I found my self stuck in the same position losing all my experience and future, since that time, I have decided that my career growth will be served best at a larger well established firm and either international or multinational, where I can take more responsibilities and learning opportunities, I got interviewed by several groups but all results were zero. Iím really confused with recruitment nowadays, is it all about relations & not qualifications? I really wonder what is wrong. Is it with my CV and cover letter? Or with my skills & qualification? Could you please checkout my CV, I am waiting for your advice. I highly appreciate your Premium Career Services and I am thoroughly satisfied with the service provided by the employer magazine.

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Submitted on - 4/22/2009 1:25 pm
I've been reading a lot of your career advices and it really gave me guidance In loads of issues. Iím working as a marketing & training assistant director in one of the big British publishing houses-Egypt office. Iíve been working there for 17 months now. Actually Iíve been paid the same salary for more than 3 years now. I mean that Iíve been earning the same amount in my previous job. Iím having my appraisal meeting next Sunday and I want to ask for a raise. When I 1st joined the job, I was promised a raise after one year. So I was supposed to receive it in September 2007, but I received nothing. My current salary is 2500 EGP and Iím planning to ask for a 1000 EGP. How can I ask for this raise in a proper way? Please note that Iím now studying a certificate of management in the American university in Cairo which is completely relevant to my job. The company Iím working for is not paying a penny in these studies. I didnít ask them to share and they didnít offer. The total cost for this certificate is 7000 EGP. And Iím planning to do a marketing one in the same university. I also, wasnít told of a bonus scheme on how my bonus is going to be calculated. I want to write one to discuss with my boss but I donít know how? Or should I ask my boss to give me one?

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Submitted on - 4/22/2009 1:17 pm
Dear Sir: First, allow me to thank you for giving me this opportunity to express and ask your advice about the following. After 4 years of studying ďManagement ScienceĒ in "Sadat Academy and graduated with "Very good" grade "Banking Management Section, I started to look for a career that defines my self but my first career path was not what I hoped for, as I started working for one of the biggest call centers in Egypt, as a ďCall Center AgentĒ but then it got better as after 2 month I got promoted to be a ďCustomer Service call center agentĒ but after working for 1 year in the company I confess that I have done some mistakes as this was my first time in the working field, so I resigned from the position. During this period I held myself more responsibility as I got engaged. Iíve always dreamt of working in a Bank but I did not get lucky enough or as in Egypt (I did not have connections to help me through) and it has been 3 month since I left the job and I did what I should do, I started to search for a job all over Cairo to rearrange my life again and posted my CV in web sites hoping for the best but I began to get desperate frustration as I did not get any calls for even an interview. So I want to ask your advice about what to do as I only got 1 year experience and I feel that this is not helping me at all so please advise me?

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